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 - To be published on the 19. July 2024


Mediumship - in Theory and Practice

by André Kirsebom, translated by Marie Holm, PhD
Published by: Austin Macauley Publishers



About the book: 

Mediumship - in theory and practice


Want to develop your mediumship? This book is for you! Here you’ll find practical solutions to key topics and exercises to assist your development. It also includes the theory needed to work as a medium and become certified.


The author, André Kirsebom, studied mediumship for several years at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England. He has several diplomas and certificates in mediumship and healing from the Spiritualist National Union. André has led courses for over a decade in mediumship and healing in Norway, England and Estonia. You now have the opportunity to share in these experiences.

The book outlines what is current in the industry. It can be used individually or you can use it together with others in a development circle. The book is also designed for those who teach courses. It provides course leaders both theory and exercises that you can use for your students.


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This comprehensive book is a valuable tool to develop your mediumship, both on your own and together with others. The book’s content allows you to reach beyond your psychic abilities to delve fully into improving all aspects of your mediumship. The author demystifies mediumship and gives you precious information from his years of experience to enable you to inspire and empower people along their life journey.


The stage is set with the story of mediumship through history along with spiritual philosophy and ethics. Next, you learn how to closely attune and connect to the spirit world. For this, you are given a set of tools to access accurate information from communicators that can be recognised by your audience. Techniques for contacting spirits are provided both for platform demonstrations and individual sittings, in logical ways that you can adapt to each situation. Each tool, such as discerning gender, age, cause of passing and relationship of the visiting spirit, is supported by exercises, ranging from basic to advanced. These allow you to proceed with confidence in delivering specific details and uplifting messages from spirit.


Further, the book gives guidance on how to deliver a meaningful message and how to respond to questions from your sitters. Useful instructions are outlined for how to strengthen each phase of a sitting, connect with spirit guides and deliver spirit communication in an ethical and supportive way. The final portion of the book continues to merge theory with practise in additional aspects of mediumship: spirit art, house cleansing, paranormal investigations, trance and physical mediumship. Options for certification and further training are then provided.



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There are around 100 illustrations in the book to make it easy to understand and fun to read. Here are some.

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