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When we die, we go over to the other side.
However: - Love never dies. 

​Often our family and relatives want to talk to us, and this can be done through mediumship. 

This is a work that needs a well-trained medium, who can give good evidence of survival. You as a sitter must know that we are in contact with the one that has passed over. Thus, the evidence is needed when finding out who comes to meet you.

When the medium comes to the reason for coming, the medium should also include evidence when the relative tell you what they want to relay to you.

- This is how I work and train other mediums to work. I André Kirsebom are proud of my skills and work. 

You can contact a medium if you want a contact with the other side. Sometimes they also come to you and make disturbances in your house. This means that they want to communicate. If so happens you should contact a good medium for a sitting or so that the medium can come to you and do a house clearing.

If you want a house clearing, make sure that the medium talk to the spirits and find out their reason for interfering in your life. Remember that the spirits are always there to help you. There are no evil spirits. (at least outside Hollywood)  

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