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Mediumship - in theory and practice


Want to develop your mediumship? This book is for you! Here you’ll find practical solutions to key topics and exercises to assist your development. It also includes the theory needed to work as a medium and become certified.


The author, André Kirsebom, studied mediumship for several years at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College in England. He has several diplomas and certificates in mediumship and healing from the Spiritualist National Union. André has led courses for over a decade in mediumship and healing. You now have the opportunity to share in these experiences.

The book outlines what is current in the industry. It can be used individually or you can use it together with others in a development circle. The book is also designed for those who teach courses. It provides course leaders both theory and exercises that you can use for your students.


The set of recordings come with the book: ‘Contact with Spirits’. It contains the meditations ‘The Bench’ and ‘Sitting in the Energy’, as well as two trance inductions.


Along with the book, the CD “The Japanese Ocean” is also recommended, that is designed to teach you how to listen to the spirit world.

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